4 Copywriting Tips You Need to Know

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The words and phrases you use to express yourself and your brand matter. A common goal for all businesses is building a strong client base and the best way to do that is through effective communication. To help, we have come up with four key tips to consider whenever you are creating new copy.


Find Your Word Count

Before you set out to work on a new copywriting project, you need to find your word count. Something as simple as a proper word count can really contribute to the effectiveness of your copy. It allows you to write to a clear plan. This helps you make sure your writing is crisp and flows nicely for the reader.

Before you set a word count it is important to consider your overall goal. What is the key information that needs to be conveyed and what is your call to action going to be. The platform your copy will be featured on can also contribute to your word count. For example, copy that is found online may be different from copy intended for print.


Understand the Customer

Probably one of the most important things you need to consider during this process is the customer. Knowing exactly who you are trying to reach is half the battle when writing effective content. Make a point to ask yourself who your audience is. Some of the best ways to achieve this are by identifying who makes up your current customer base or simply have a conversation with people who frequent your brand.

This knowledge unlocks the shortcomings of your messaging and helps you better connect in the future. No matter the industry, your brand’s copy should clearly show the value you provide to your customers. And by understanding them better you can better convey that through their preferred communication channels.


Tailor Your Language

This goes hand in hand with understanding the customers you are writing for. Use language that your customer identifies with and the masses can relate to. A lot of the time, we try to communicate our message in a big way but sometimes it is more effective to simplify it.

Using common or everyday language easily gets your brand’s message across and helps more people to connect with who you are. While this may seem difficult, going over your first draft of copy and removing parts that you might not normally say is a great place to start.


Keep it Concise

It is no secret that people have short attention spans. That is why keeping your copy short and to the point is extremely necessary. It’s common knowledge that readers rarely finish reading all copy a brand shares. Short paragraphs and simple sentence structures really help ensure readers are absorbing your message.