Budgeting for Social Media Ads

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Creating your own social media ads are easier than ever and all it takes is a little patience working through the platforms easy to use systems.

Here are the numbers when it comes to social media channels and how many people are on each!

  • Facebook – 2.24 billion

  • YouTube – 1.9 billion

  • Instagram – 1 billion

  • LinkedIn – 575 million

  • Snapchat – 310 million

  • Twitter – 330 million

  • Pinterest – 250 million

  • Yelp – 142 million

It’s pretty clear that regardless of which platform or site you choose to run your ads on they are going be in front of a significant audience of people. We’ve covered in the past that it’s important to choose a platform that fits your demographic. Now that you know how many people are on each, let’s cover how much it costs to run an ad on each platform.

Next is the CPM model which is the most common method for pricing web ads. Advertisers frequently measure the success of a CPM campaign by its click-through-rate which is the percentage of people who saw your ad and clicked on it. For example, an advertisement that receives two clicks for every 100 impressions has a 2% CTR. Here are the pricing models for CPM.