Facebook is Removing ‘Our Story’ Section from Pages

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For the last month or so, Facebook has been alerting Page owners that the ‘Our Story’ section will be removed. Introduced back in 2017, the ‘Our Story’ section was created to give customers more insight into who a brand is a what they stand for. This extra information was added in hopes that it would maximize a Page’s views and followers.

However, over time it appears that the ‘Our Story’ section wasn’t overly utilized. Located right next to a Page’s ‘About’ section, many left it blank because the information came across as redundant and cluttered.

Facebook’s new solution is to now remove the ‘Our Story’ section completely and prompt users to move information that was originally stored there to ‘Additional Information’. According to many sources, it appears that the ‘Additional Information’ will be a secondary element just like how the ‘Our Story’ section was to a Page’s ‘About’ section.

We are still unsure how these changes will affect the layout of the Page as a whole, but the hope is that the ‘About’ section will be more organized and visually appealing to the everyday Facebook user. The final update will take place on February 28, 2021.