How Pinterest Can Help With Your Marketing Strategy

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We are all familiar with Pinterest but do we truly understand the marketing potential behind the platform? For those who are not familiar, Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to explore, share and ‘pin’ visual content. Users organize this content by creating boards under certain categories including but not limited to fashion, food, travel and home decor. 

What makes Pinterest a useful tool for marketing is that it is a great way to distribute content and secure potential business. According to the platform, “55% of consumers say Visual Search is instrumental in developing their style/ taste and 61% of consumers say visual search elevates their experience while in-store browsing.” Pinterest has become a great resource to facilitate this visual search. Many prospective buyers visit the platform daily and if they stumble upon your product while doing their research that could be a new potential sale. 

To further help businesses on the platform, Pinterest has also recently shared insight into popular trends they have been experiencing. Pinterest claims

“By offering brands a peek into the future – during the critical discovery mindset – Pinterest is helping advertisers connect more deeply with their audiences. Pinterest’s capacity to predict new habits and behaviors based on Pinner activity continues to grow and become a more prominent value-add for advertisers.”

A few trends included are athflow, skinimalism and vibey lights. To get ahead and include some of these trends in your future marketing/branding campaigns- explore Pinterest.