Our Social Media Calendar Tool

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Organizing and scheduling content can be a consuming process, especially when you are juggling other job responsibilities. Here at Mule Media, we use a number of tools to help us post content in an efficient and timely manner but in today’s post we will be highlighting a management tool called HeyOrca and sharing a few of its features that we love. 

For those who are not familiar, HeyOrca is a social media content calendar. Ideal for both agencies and small businesses alike, we have been using HeyOrca for years. The platform allows you to create multiple calendars depending on your need. You can easily link up your social media platforms to HeyOrca and post content for those respective platforms. 

Once all of your content is uploaded you can start scheduling content to be posted on a specific day and time. This is a massive time saver and will help ensure that you hit all your social media deadlines. We’ve found that HeyOrca’s interface is extremely user friendly. Its drag and drop calendar visuals and functionality makes it easy to reschedule content to another date. 

From an agency’s perspective, we love how collaborative this tool can be. HeyOrca allows us to easily share content with clients and get approval directly from the platform. Not to mention, their client friendly report feature provides a lot of useful information that we include in our own reporting. 

If you are in the marketing for a social media calendar management tool, we recommend checking them out!