Social Advertising

Let us help you reach over 1 billion people with pinpoint accuracy.

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach your customers for an affordable cost. Who's on Facebook? Everyone. Legally, kids can sign up when they're 13 years old and I'm pretty sure max is my Nana who's 86 and active daily. With Facebook ads you aren't on a rooftop screaming hoping and hoping your customers hear you. You have pinpoint accuracy based on people's likes, interests and activity on the site. This allows you to target your customers on a platform they use daily for much cheaper than traditional advertising. You can target a broad audience such as 18-34 year olds in Boston or a more defined audience such as 18-34 year olds in Boston who like hockey and golf.

Not only are the targeting options unbelievably specific, but the types of ads you can run are also extensive. Whether you're running Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Snapchat ads you can use text, video, photo or custom post types such as photo carousel, sponsored posts and much more.