Having a presence on social media is essential to the success of your business, but we understand it can be a huge undertaking.

That is where our managed social media services come in! Our talented team of account managers can give you the power of a full time social media team for a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a community manager or someone to respond to customer comments, we can put together a plan that drives results.


Community Management

Does your business need to be on social media? The short answer: Yes.

Our tried and true system allows us to give you the power of a full time social media manager for a fraction of the cost. With a mix of general, industry specific and company specific posts, we give your social profiles the power to engage and add value to your followers. We’ll determine which types of posts get the most engagement and what time of day your followers are online to help customize a posting schedule that is results driven. A good social media campaign is about much more than just focusing on the number of followers you have. It’s about engagement and connecting with key influencers.

Using proprietary algorithms we can find key influencers in your industry and get them talking about you by talking to them. There’s nothing better than free word of mouth! This spreads brand awareness as well as gives your profile authority since a trusted member of the community endorses you.



Keeping track of growth and engagement is the key to success on social media.

Far too many people think if their social media profile has thousands of followers they’re running a successful social media campaign. This just isn’t true. There are a number of KPI’s (key performance indicators) you should be looking at to make sure your campaign is performing well. We will help you better understand basic KPI’s along with the more in-depth ones your company should be paying attention to.

In addition to general analytics we’ll also set up goal / conversion tracking to better determine the ROI of your social channels. When these are setup correctly you can track to the penny how much money you’re making from posts, shares and social ads. This will help identify the social media channels you should focus your efforts on the most and if any paid media is generating a positive return.



An effective campaign starts with a full analysis of your social media channels.

Before we start any social media campaign, we do a full analysis of your current social channels. This includes a detailed account of what your competitors are doing to market themselves online and what your target consumer actually wants from your social profiles. After we run this analysis we will identify key areas of opportunity that will help your brand have a successful social media presence.

As your campaign runs we will continue to analyze your competitors and determine new opportunities or trends that you should target on your profiles. We’ll then work with you to implement those necessary changes and track how well they do. Our goal is to ensure that every post is creating engagement within your community and adding value to your followers.


Reach Out & Engage

Your audience is constantly talking online, but do you have the time to reach out and engage with them?

We will find your online voice and listen to what your target demographic is saying about you, your industry, and any other topics you’d like us to monitor. We will use our systems to listen for specific phrases, questions, and overall comments that bring value to your business. By engaging directly with the consumer, we can build up trust which may lead to that high-level conversion you are looking for.

These conversions can take many forms, ranging from a sale, a key influencer in your industry promoting your brand, a journalist looking for a guest to interview, or an expert in your industry commenting on a story they’re working on. We’ll nurture these relationships and make sure we’re providing value so when the time comes to ask them for a favor (press release, retweet, etc) they’ll be willing to help.


Monitor & Reply

Reputation Management is important to list, but it’s even more important to reply to customers and potential consumers.

Whether it’s reviews, ratings, comments, posts, or any other form of online expression, we will reply to your online communities in a manner that holds true to your company’s mission and beliefs. We can provide this kind of reputation management on several different levels, so it’s important to consult with us and determine what platforms are receiving the most engagement so we can help continue the communication.


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