Whether you’re just getting started with your digital marketing campaign, or feel your current efforts could use a boost, our account teams will provide educated, strategic and results driven recommendations.


Overall Strategy

Behind every successful campaign is a well-thought-out strategy.

The old adage “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” is not the correct way to run a marketing campaign. For starters, with so much data surrounding user behavior readily available, it’s a waste of both time and money to post content that doesn’t add any value to your company.

By working with one of our Account Strategists, you can be assured that the game plan we put together for you will deliver results. Whenever we start with a new campaign we do a deep dive into the industry, your current campaigns, your competitors campaigns and any other data or information you have so we can see the full picture before we start on any planning.

Once we have all of that information digested we’ll put together a custom tailored strategy for your campaign. We’ll let you know which social media networks you should focus on, if you should be running Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, if you need any video content to promote your campaign, and any other recommendations we have based on our research. We’ll package this up in an easy to follow Digital Marketing Strategy document for you to either execute yourself or if it’s in your budget hire us to hit a home run with.


Micro Campaigns

There’s nothing small about our micro campaigns.

Sometimes you may just need help with a campaign you’re running or some extra hands around a product announcement. Our micro campaigns can integrate seamlessly with your existing campaigns and give them the extra boost they need. Your Account Strategist will work with you to understand your current campaign, analyze any and all data available, and find out which KPIs are important so we can be sure to surpass all your goals and expectations.


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