Social Media Round Up

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LinkedIn Tests New ‘Dark Mode’ in its Desktop App 

LinkedIn is finally testing out a ‘Dark Mode’ option for its desktop app. Considering the fact that many platforms have offered this as an option to users for a while now, people are wondering why LinkedIn waited so long to join the party. LinkedIn has recently confirmed though that they do intend on making dark mode available in the coming months and the goal is to have it globally available by the fall. 


Facebook Publishes New Report on the Key Factors Influencing Online Purchases 

As online purchases continue to increase on the platform, Facebook has published a new report highlighting key insights. The report mainly focuses on users located in Hong Kong and Taiwan, however it is noted that the results could also reflect other regions. The report states that 

“New digital formats, especially video and live content enable new ways to engage online audiences and keep them coming back. As video formats proliferate, from over-the-top video viewing to livestreams, the overall digital environment will become more immersive than ever.”

The report also shares key online shopping drivers including, convenience, shopability, assortment, price/value, and service. It is clear that these drivers can be universal. 


YouTube Will Now Enable Creators To Add Midrolls, End Screens and Captions While Their Video Is Processing

YouTube now offers a new feature that will let users place add-on features, including midroll ad breaks, end screens, info cards and more all while their video is still processing. The whole purpose behind this feature is to help creators save time and provide a better flow to their upload process.