Website Content Creation Best Practices

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Gathering content can be a massive challenge and undertaking. It requires a lot of proactive planning and organizing. To help, Mule Media offers copywriting and additional services but to start here are a few best practices clients can follow now as they embark on this portion of the web development process. 

Formatting is a vital part to content organization. As you begin the process, it helps to identify the website pages that will have graphics, images and video. Include this information in a content outline and start collecting the highest resolution of images/graphics. This will offer the best outcome when they are added to the website. 

In regards to text, it’s important to make sure headers are short/direct, understood on their own and SEO friendly. Be careful to not use unnecessary underlining, bold, italics, headings and indentations. This may come across as difficult to read. We also recommend covering only one topic per paragraph when it comes to longer sections. Introduction sentences and paragraphs for any key landing page should be geared towards your intended message. Any more detailed/ specialized content should be saved for pages deeper in the site. 

As you continue to create and gather content, tone is also an important concept to consider. When writing website copy make sure your tone is active and not passive. Also make sure it is informal writing that way the reader can easily understand and relate to the material.

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